Colorado’s Full-Service Distributor

Running around like a headless chicken is no way to go through life. Let us be your chicken (head-attached) pluckin ‘n cluckin and organizing all the best seeds and grains from the coop. Let us handle locating and warehousing all the greatest Colorado brands for you.

What Can Hyperion Do For You?

Whether you have a store that needs new, fresh and exciting products or if you’ve got the got the next big thing ready to hit the shelves. We help put it all together by bringing the best unique and Colorado brands to the locations we serve.

What Sets Us Apart

Let us show you why people keep choosing the Hyperion way.

Who We Serve

We service all sorts of customers. Wanna find out who?

Sales Guarantee

We’ll buy back anything we carry that isn’t working for you and fully guarantee our particulars for any and all product or packaging defects.


Hyperion has partnered with Colorado Food Showroom to offer our entire line of brands in a online store for wholesalers. Click the logo below to go check it out.

So What is Colorado Food Showroom?

It’s our online site for retailers specializing in unique and Colorado based brands.

What people say about us

Blanche Blanc
Store Owner
“These guys are great. I can’t believe they fit all those snacks and medecines inside my model airplane”
Larry Poppins
Snack Enthusiast
“Hyperion always brings the fire. The other day I was like ‘Yo! deez snacks is straight fire dog’ to my boy Cedric. He was like ‘yo they is yo, they is’.”
Indiana Bones
“Hyperion professionally evisculates equity invested ideas and monotonectally predominate out-of-the-box channels.”